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Taskforce’s accounting services team partners with small businesses and firms to increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and lower costs. Our passion is to give business owners the freedom to grow and manage their business while we take care of the details.


We build dedicated teams of insurance professionals to improve your processes and reduce your administrative workload. Let your account managers and agents focus on serving your clients while we take care of the rest.

Accounts Payable / Receivable
Management Reporting
Customized Services


Using your preferred accounting software, we book all transactions for you in order to prepare regular, precise financial statements.


We keep timely and accurate records of employee earnings and benefits. Precise calculation of taxes and contributions. Payroll processing via direct deposit or check.

Accounts Payable / Receivable

AR and AP management for cash flow optimization. Reconciliation of your billing system with bank transactions on a daily basis

Management Reporting

Tailor made BI reports prepared according to the needs of management for monitoring the business performance by organizational unit, cost center or any other needed dimension.

Customized Services

Flexible and adaptable services to suit clients specific requirements.

Skilled, flexible, scalable team

650+ employees focused on providing business support services in insurance, healthcare, accounting, and customized services.

Policy services

  • Endorsement Checking
  • Insurance Policy Checking
  • Policy Delivery
  • Renewal Processing
  • Cancellation warning notices
  • Change request

Benefit Services

  • Census input and updating
  • Medical audit
  • Small group quoting
  • Adds / deletes
  • Document retrieval
  • Cobra Enrollment
  • Application scrubbing

Customer Services

  • Prospect and market research
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Inbound Service centers
  • Customer / Carrier Outreach

Accounting and Billing

  • Direct bill invoicing
  • Statement reconciliation
  • Internet payment reconciliation
  • Expense report tracking

Claim Services

  • Loss run ordering
  • Experience modification calculation
  • Claim tracking
  • Premium loss summaries
  • Claim inputting

General Data Entry

  • Applications
  • Certificates
  • New Business data entry
  • Quoting and proposals
  • New producer book conversion
  • Acquisition integration
  • Professional license verification

MGA & Wholesale Services

  • Submission data entry and clearance
  • Risk evaluation
  • Quote and summary preparation
  • Broker invoicing
  • Policy binding
  • Policy stamping
  • Policy issuance Inspection ordering
  • Audit ordering and billing
  • NoC and reinstatement
  • ExMod reports and projections